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Why buy from Peabody's?

⁠When Steffanie Peabody decided to open Peabody's Parlor, one of her primary goals was to create a workplace that allowed her stylists to achieve any personal or professional goals they had.  She wanted long gone of the days of hairstylists not being able to make a great living doing what they love.  When you purchase from us it allows our business to work together with our team members to help them achieve any of their dreams! ⁠

We have been official sponsors of Indy Pride for two years in a row!  Even though the festival was cancelled this year and we had the option to take back our donation, we didn't.  We. Didn't.  We believe in the mission of Indy Pride and want to support it as much as we can, but we can't do this without your purchases.  ⁠

We continue to hire new talent and provide jobs for our community, even during a time where jobs are being lost and people are struggling.  We continue to help our community, but we can't do that without your purchases.  ⁠

We know big box stores sell similar items as us.  But remember, the big box stores don't support our community like we do.  If you can make these purchases from us, please do!  Buy holiday gifts from us, treat yo'self to something we have to offer, tell your friends about us and why you love us so much!  ⁠

We promise you, every purchase made at Peabody's Parlor is appreciated by the many it impacts.  ⁠